How To Become The Busiest Worker Bee

Managing time is not a thing that most humans instinctively have a knack for. It’s 2 p.m. before most of us at Cracked can manage to stop ridiculing Mike Huckabee’s Twitter and actually get to work. But once you learn how to not waste inordinate amounts of your day on internet animal distractions or on needlessly drawn-out morning rituals (spending two hours watching your friends’ Instagram stories does not count as “waking up”), you’ll be way ahead of most people in your professional league.

Make More, Work Less: Time Management + Productivity Course

The most frustrating thing in life is when you push yourself seemingly beyond your limit and still can’t reach your goals. When you hit a wall, sometimes it’s better to stop pushing and start thinking. This course will teach you how to work smart by helping you to spend your time more efficiently and shed bad habits. If after this, you still find yourself hitting a wall, then we don’t know, maybe stop running into walls? Get away from those walls. They’re obviously giving you nothing but trouble.

Entrepreneur Productivity Hacks

Don’t let Richard Branson’s intense tan fool you; growing a successful business takes a lot of smarts and a lot of work. But you can learn how to lessen the burden by adhering to a tight schedule, leveraging your strengths, and delegating your weaknesses. Turn your business into a well-oiled money-making machine so that you too can lounge at the beach and work on your own horribly discolored skin tone.

Instant Public Speaking Master Class

Knowing how to speak clearly, listen intently, and give a firm handshake doesn’t make you a corporate sellout; it makes people pay attention to you. Even the most interior of introverts can learn professional social skills by following along with this step by step course. Before long, you’ll be making your own Steve-Jobs-style keynote presentations to millions of tech nerds, and none of them will ever know how badly you’re sweating.



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